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Give me 30 seconds before scrolling and if you enjoy the video please like, share, and comment if you have more questions… remember, these are facts and how science and fisheries management works. If you’ve had your head in the sand getting all your fisheries news from Facebook this may totally blow your mind so grab a seat pause the video and go get some popcorn cause were gonna be here a few minutes….

  1. Feds do not manage goliath grouper, they are managed by FWC in state waters only and guess what we need? Some dead fish to do a stock assessment… its about time!
  2. Snook, redfish, trout reopening is based solely on FIM, if you don’t know what that is you should watch this video – plus, these are state managed species.
  3. Lane Snapper, Red Grouper and mid water snapper complex closed, and yes that stinks but those were ACL CLOSURES… if you don’t know what that means… again watch this video.
  4. Flounder were not closed… this was a seasonal closure and a recent FWC state management change that implemented a spawning seasonal closure.


FWC: Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

FWC – state waters regulations – inside 9 miles — except red snapper where the council vote and NOAA fisheries SERO delegated private rev management of red snapper to the five gulf states for their private angling and state charter boats without fed permits.

FWC can make a regulation for state waters and if the council and NOAA fisheries doesn’t have federal regulations for that species the state of Florida’s FWC can push that state regulation into federal waters adjacent to Florida (they did this with blackfin tuna and flounder recently and African pompano in the past. Florida is the only state with African pompano regulations in the gulf in fed waters)

FWC holds approximately 5 meetings a year, lasting two to three days long where you can give public comment directly to the commission after they discuss a topic and before they vote. There are seven commissioners appointed by the governor. When FWC holds a meeting they discuss a topic, take public comment, then vote on it and typically staff will send email notices about the vote nearly instantly like it’s nuts how fast they notice the vote to the public.

Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council

GMFMC (gulf council) votes on fed regulations then it’s up to NOAA fisheries SERO (south east regional office) to implement those regulations the council passes which apply to everyone fishing in fed waters beyond 9 miles.

Council meetings happen typically 5 times a year and last 4-5 days.

Council has 17 voting members, most are currently private rec representatives affiliated with CCA of which, Florida has 4 representatives on the council, whic is more than any other state due to Florida making up a majority of gulf landings for nearly every species.

Each state has a state rep (Florida’s is Martha Guyas from FWC (**she’s a bad ass and totally willing to chat and listen!**)

We also have Tom Frazer who serves as the head of science for the state, Bob Gill who’s new who is one of two commercial reps on the entire 17 member council, and finally we have Phil Dyskow who was the president of Yamaha USA and is one of the most intelligent fair and level headed dudes I’ve had the pleasure of speaking too.

Click this Link to Learn More about the Representatives and their contact information!

-Tight Lines!



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