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Capt. Planet Eco Preservation Project Artificial Reef Install

Tired of poor water quality? We are too! Due to this, we are working with the Eco Preservation Project and ‘Captain Planet’ aka Garrett Stuart to help soften our shorelines by installing these artificial reefs around our docks at Hubbard’s Marina. Plus, we have raised funds in conjunction with St Pete fishing Outfitters, Tarpon Fishing Outfitters and Tampa Fishing Outfitters to purchase tons more of these reefs too we just need places to put them!
The typical reef offered will clean up to 30,000 gallons of water per day while the ones being installed here are more than double that size!
Join us on Dec 7th at 3:30pm if you’d like to meet with Capt Planet and learn more. If you live locally around Hubbard’s Marina on the water and you are willing to let us install a reef under your dock, please reach out to Capt Dylan Hubbard or Daniel Kroegel at St Pete fishing outfitters. We will come to your place and install your reef that day too, but you must live in the direct area around the marina in Treasure Island or Madeira Beach!
This is a first install, BUT we plan to hold many more by raising more funds and purchasing more reefs. Our first install has raised $12,000 but were hoping to continue to raise funds to get many more installed around Tampa Bay area!
The idea behind these reefs is to mimic the mangrove root systems that used to line our shorelines, these allow growth to accumulate and make homes for crustaceans all of which filter the water naturally. This ‘softens’ the hardened shorelines we have created overtime as the area develops, more mangroves are removed and more grasses are deteriorating from harmful algal blooms while we build more seawalls but installing these reefs will mimic more mangrove shorelines around the area and help promote cleaner water ways and better water quality despite the rampant pollution we are working to help stop or slow.


Dec 07 2021


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Hubbards Marina
Hubbards Marina

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